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misinformation, miscommunication, illusions, delusions, error

I am marveling at the situation from far away, as if there is nothing personal at stake

I want to wish for


Contribution to Trusö Fanzine #2

Untitled (Street cred #2)


Orange Cat

Untitled (Street cred)

Untitled (Crazy He Calls Me)

Excerpts from text written for the work
"I am marveling at the situation from far away, as if there is nothing personal at stake"

"My photographs are seldom staged. Often the motifs are urban scenes and details, focused on places were city meets nature, or the borderline between nature and culture. They seldom have human individuals as the most important part of the motif, but there are always signs of human presence observed from a distance, or signs that humans have been present."


"When I use text in addition to my images, it’s to give the work an additional “dimension”. Mostly I use excerpts from texts I find on the internet or in books and edit them. Taken out of the context in which they were originally written, and put in this new context, they gain new meanings.

I am interested in the poetic quality of the text, and like them to be ambiguous and open to interpretation. A photograph cannot be a rational sentence, there’s a gap between image and language. They have different purposes. In my work, neither one is there to take over, explain one another, instead they play an equal part in the totality."


"In this work, I have used the tourist photograph as a starting point. With limited time, it’s difficult to "get under the skin" and understand the complexity of a place/society. Using the tourist “souvenir image” as a starting point, I try to be more honest about from what perspective I see my surroundings. I am an observer from the outside. Acknowledging this, I use “tourist photography” as a starting point in my approach to a place and culture I’m not familiar with. By “starting point”, I mean that I photograph details or places in the city, that are often used or depicted by tourists (parks, architecture, statues, beaches, fountains, hotels e.g.), but also have a greater meaning in the complexity of what makes a city/place/culture. I am interested in motifs that have multiple meanings, depending on who you are, and from what “angle” you see it. Tourists normally have a different intention in photographing, and another emotional relationship to, for instance a statue, than what that statue symbolizes in that particular place or culture.

In making the images/motifs/aesthetics a little bit “off”, meaning that they have another focus, view and frame than a “typical” tourist image, I force myself to see the motif, for instance the statue, again and re-evaluate what it means, both the motif itself as part of a place and culture, and the banality of the tourist image."