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Takkepakke - Mer nord enn Norge

Kunstakademiet i Tromsø at UKS

misinformation, miscommunication, illusions, delusions, error

I am marveling at the situation from far away, as if there is nothing personal at stake

I want to wish for


Contribution to Trusö Fanzine #2

Untitled (Street cred #2)


Untitled (Street cred)

Kunstakademiet i Tromsø at UKS

(Unge Kunstneres Samfund, 4.–12. June 2010)


(Flyer: Sille Storihle)


Ane Elene Johansen, Anemarte Bjørnseth, Espen Justdal, Frank Ludvigsen, Geir Backe Altern, Heidi-Anett Haugen, Ida Walenius, Ingeborg A.K. Lindahl, Ingrid Forland, Line Solberg Dolmen, Margrethe Pettersen, Matilda Carlid, Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Mølberg

"UKS presents an off shoot of the very first exam show from the youngest of the art academies in Norway. The show at UKS consists of an eight day program of concerts, screenings, performances and happenings starting every day at 5pm with a free dinner served for the audience at 8pm.

Instead of traditional individual presentations of works, the students have developed a collaborative format revolving around their ground braking experiences as participants in the challenging process of forming a new academy.

Tromsø art Academy has profiled itself with a site oriented educational practice focusing on fields such as ecology, society, identity and politics."

Curated by Linus Elmes



2x3 meter poster, a collaboration between all 13 students and professor Nicolas Siepen.



Also, each student made their own poster. This is mine.

Text on poster:

if exodus orders descending graveward
chauvinism in the deep below
evil roots of capitalist bushes it fertilizes
go on

Epistle for Dennis Brutus
By Prince Shapiro

(Statue of Cecil Rhodes in Gardens park, Cape Town, South Africa.)




Friday 4th of June: Opening
7pm: Presentation of the program
8pm: Free food is served
9pm: DJ Ingebling

Saturday 5th of June: Closed (Oslo Musikkfest)

Sunday 6th June: Åsa and Nixie day
2pm: Potato talk and walk.
5pm: Artists in the kitchen (To be announced)
6pm to midnight: Screening of the Nouvelle Vague Soap Le PingPong d’Amour.
8pm: Free food is served

Monday 7th June: Hot Dog Kulturkiosk present:
5pm: Artists in the kitchen (To be announced)
5pm: Wunderbar play Tropicoole vibrasjona i Babylon
6pm: Mr Hot Dog presents the evening and the Hot Dog Culture-Kiosk
followed by a presentation from the architect Joar Nango
7pm: Ellen og Gutta
8pm: Free food is served
8.30pm: Oslo Inn
After Oslo Inn´s concert, Wunderbar will entertain for as long as there is still life left!

Tuesday 8th June: Trusö presents:
5pm: Artists in the kitchen (To be announced)
8pm: Free food is served
9pm: Blind film with Matilda Carlid (S)
10pm: Peformance by Tim Stüttgen (D)

Wednesday 9th June: Kuk og Parfyme present:
5pm: Artists in the kitchen (To be announced)
5pm: THE MARBLE ASS by Zelmir Zilnik (CS 1994, 83min)
7pm: postpone postporn happiness // ARRET LA MACHINE!?
8pm: Free Food is served
8.30pm: Film (Samuel Beckett 1965) / Un chant d’amour (Jean Genet 1950)
9.30pm: Anti-Reproductive Mating Ritual
10.30pm: Okkultokrati droner til Lucifer rising

Thursday 10th June: Kurant presents
5pm: Artists in the kitchen (To be announced)
7pm: Juhani Sivola
8pm: Free food is served
8pm: Morten Wintervold og Sigbjørn Skåden
9pm: Siv Sperati
After the concert Dj Heartkåre and Loveline will entertain for the rest of the evening.

Friday 11th June: Furudag
5pm: Les glaneurs et la glaneuse (The Gleaners and I) (2000)
8pm: Free food is served
8.30pm: 12 Studies on Shit (2007)
8.30pm: Radio (2007)
9.45pm: OPERA (2008)
10.15pm: Nullpunkt (2009)
After the movies there will be a Dj playing contemporary music. (To be announced)



(documentation images: Line Solberg Dolmen)